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How to Increase Height After Puberty

By on January 2, 2014
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 Tips and Techniques to Increase Height During and After Puberty

Height is an important factor in overall health according to certain studies. Studies suggest that tallness is related with better cardiovascular health. Height also plays a predominant role in reflecting an individual’s personality. Tall people stand out from a crowd and thus they seem to be distinctively appealing. Most short people crave for a taller height. Sometimes, a short height or less than expected height can adversely impact an individual’s overall personal development. Some short people may feel shy in public and thus they might exhibit features like that of an introvert.

It is important to understand that height can grow naturally in two ways, before or during puberty and after puberty. Growth of height before or when puberty is not a major cause of concern because the fusing process is active at that stage and bones can grow normally. The actual concern for height comes to people when they have grown up as adults. The reason behind this is the false notion that height cannot grow after puberty. And thus most short-grown adults are always agitated with the question of how to increase height after puberty. People with such a question in their mind should not despair.

To start with, it is important to know that how to increase height after puberty is an issue which has a solution but increase in height at the stage of puberty cannot be achieved through lengthening of the bones. Rather other body parts which make the body can be encouraged to lengthen. For many people, it is possible that compression has occurred and thus working on those body parts can help the parts to lengthen. So, increase of quite a few inches in height can be achieved.

Exercising and stretching are the two main techniques if someone is concerned about natural ways on how to increase height after puberty. Stretches and exercises help to stretch the legs and elongate the spinal column so that posture issues, if any get corrected. Jumping rope is a great exercise for stretching the legs and this exercise is best done in small sessions of five minutes with good resting in between. Yoga stretches is another great exercise regime which is result-oriented. The Bow and Wheel yoga pose helps to stretch the spine and thus it helps to lengthen it. Other stretches like the car stretch, cobra stretch, super stretch, etc. can also help. The basic leg stretches are great for a start. Hanging exercises are also helpful. Hanging on a bar with the arms and a spine stretching of 10 seconds is good enough. It can be done for 2 minutes every day. Even swimming for at least 5 hours a week can work wonders. A diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals is also significant besides exercising. Green/yellow fruits and vegetables are best for the purpose.

The above mentioned exercises can be helpful only when done with proper care. One should also be careful that exercising is not overdone as they can show sudden effects on body which could be harmful.

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